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Please speak with the office staff about correct level placements for yourself or your child.
Students will most likely be asked to take a placement class in order to determine this.


Other Classes


Invitation only class. Most teachers will recommend a pre-pointe class as a bridge towards pointe work. This class includes specific exercises that help strengthen ankles and feet for pointe as well as other conditioning exercises that are helpful for future pointe work.


These classes are geared towards conditioning for dancers. Core work, overall strengthening, and injury prevention exercises are the focus of this class. 

Adult Classes

*No age minimum or maximum and no prior experience is necessary. Adult classes are open classes and can be attended at a person’s leisure. However, technique is built upon throughout the year so it is advised that if the student would like to develop skill that they attend regularly

Dance for Musical Theater (Worshops)

Dance for musical theater will include fundamentals of technique for dance and the stage. Emphasizing versatility in movement and performance skills, we will explore a variety of musical theater choreography from Broadway musicals and dive in to dance and theater improvisation.

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